We are a specialized natural latex foam supplier that exports premium quality natural latex from Cameroon by adopting the famous Dunlop manufacturing standard. Our strategic location enables us to tap into one of the most precious raw materials found on earth, Natural Latex. Latex Concentrate is obtained by centrifugation and preserved with a high amount of ammonia. It contains 60% Dry Rubber Content (DRC). It is the most common grade of latex used worldwide. It gives excellent films of high clarity and has good adhesion characteristics as a binding agent when suitably compounded.

Natural Latex Core can be used in the production of medical gloves, condoms, mattresses, toppers, pillows, and upholstered furniture such as sofas.

Latex Concentrate

  • 60% Concentrated Latex – High Ammonia
  • 60% Concentrated Latex – Low Ammonia
  • 60% Concentrated Latex – Medium Ammonia
  • 60% Concentrated Latex – Double Centrifuge


1 Metal Drum (non-returnable; internal-lined) = 205 kg
1 Container, 20-ft FCL (80 Metal Drums) = 16.4 MT
1 Flexi Bag per container, 20-ft FCL = 20 MT