TSR(Technically Specified Rubber) or commonly known as block rubber can be divided into three main standard types 5,10, 20, and STR Compound. They are chiefly used in the production of tires.
TSR are graded according to a variety of factors, including dirt content, ash content, volatile matter, color, and viscosity or portion of chemical contents such as carbon black, stearic acid, etc.
Each major producing country establishes its own TSR standard with regard to the international ISO standard, with STR (Standard Thai Rubber) being the symbol used in Thailand, SIR (Standard Indonesia Rubber), and SMR (Standard Malaysia Rubber) being the symbols used in Indonesia and Malaysia respectively.
Our company’s annual supply capacity is 15,000 MT per year and we provide premium and high-quality natural rubber as mainly used by tier manufacturers.


Standard Malaysian Rubber

  • SMR 5
  • SMR 10
  • SMR 20

Standard Indonesia Rubber

  • SIR 5
  • SIR 10
  • SIR 20

Standard Thailand Rubber

  • STR 5
  • STR 10
  • STR 20


1 Bale, Loose = 35 kg
1 Pallet (36 Bales), Shrink Wrapped Wooden / Disposable Plastic / Metal = 1.26 MT
1 Container (16 Pallets), 20-ft = 20.16 MT